michio kushi



In the Bible and the 

writings of Nostradamus 

and other prophets

others see signs 

of coming apocalypse ... 

They will be fulfilled only 

if we continue to shun 

a natural way of life ...

Personal and Planetary Destiny Seminar



we all have come from infinity
we all live with infinity
we all shall return to infinity
we are all manifestation of on infinity
we are all brothers and sisters

of one infinite universe
let us love each other
let us help each other
let us encourage each other
let us all together continue to realize
the endless dream of one peaceful world
we are always one forever

fb/ki - 2015

VARIANTE - MAGGIO 1976 - kushiinstitute.org
... And let us all together continue to realize
The endless dream of health, love, peace and justice on this earth.



Peace begins in kitchens and pantries

gardens and backyards

where our food is grown and prepared.

The energies of nature and the infinite universe

are absorbed through the foods we eat

and are transmuted

into our thoughts and actions

fb/ki - 2015



Let us altogether continue to realize

the endless dream of one peaceful world
fb/kushiinstitute - 2015






michio kushi

kokawa w. japan   17 MAGGIO 1926  -  boston  28 DICEMBRE  2014

ho conosciuto michio kushi ed aveline a roma  durante uno dei pochissimi seminari tenuti in italia  

grazie a ferro ledvinka  morto nel 2000 ed aveline nel 2001 -  

usate parole semplici per comunicare.  i paroloni sono proprietÓ dell'arroganza  -  mk


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